The Herald Group helps organizations understand, adapt to and effectively leverage the high-stakes public affairs landscape, by developing integrated strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition. We take a customizable approach with every engagement, combining innovative tools and tactics with sound communications strategies.

Best of Both Worlds

We have the full-scale capabilities and reach of a large firm with the servicing and attention of a small firm – ability to deliver large firm work product while giving the 24/7 personal attention of a small firm.

We Achieve Your Goals

We seize opportunities in public policy battles to achieve the client’s internal and external goals and objectives, while also mitigating potential threats and giving needed air cover to help our clients win based on their indicators of success.

New Ideas for Old Problems

We combine traditional public affairs tools and tactics with integrated new media strategies to create winnings campaigns. Creative thinking matched with careful planning provide the basis to develop and execute communications strategies that break through the clutter and ensure the right messages are heard by the right audiences at the right times.

Research Driven Strategies

Our approach is grounded in sound qualitative and quantitative research to clearly define client goals and objectives, and then implement the best strategies to successfully address the public policy challenges facing our clients.

Integrated Approach

Our diverse experiences have taught us that successful programs must be developed based on an integrated strategy and executed leveraging every arrow in an organization’s quiver.

Campaign Mentality

Our team has extensive campaign experience and thrives in competitive environments. The Herald Group approaches issues much like campaigns, and views business objectives much like elections.

National Reach

The Herald Group maintains a network of communications, legislative and grassroots professionals based across the country to help shape public opinion and influence key decision makers.