Areas of Expertise

Through our experience inside and outside government, The Herald Group team members have gained critical knowledge in key issue areas, including:

  • Automotive
  • Corporate Governance
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • International Trade
  • Legal Reform
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications



Whether it is a coalition in need of a modern media strategy, a Fortune 100 corporation seeking to gain a public relations edge or an advocacy organization advancing their public policy agenda, our creative energy matched with careful planning ensure your messages break through the clutter and are heard by the right audiences at the right times.

The Herald Group addresses our clients’ public policy challenges in the context of their larger organizational objectives, positioning issues to resonate with key decision makers and stakeholders in order to mitigate competitive threats and generate positive results.

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, organizations must understand and acknowledge the potential impact of a public relations crisis on their operations. The Herald Group develops preventative strategies before a crisis unfolds and manages new strategies as a crisis breaks to ensure an organization will emerge successfully.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Guidelines and Procedures
  • Issues Branding
  • Employee Communications
  • Media Training
  • Stakeholder Outreach and Surrogate Development

Grassroots & Grasstops

Successful grassroots advocacy must directly engage real people with real stories. We help build a grassroots movement for your organization while drawing from our national network of regional and local opinion leaders, legislative professionals and political operatives to effectively mobilize grassroots and grasstops influencers to communicate a shared, politically potent point of view.

  • Key Influencer Identification and Outreach
  • Coalition Building and Management
  • Micro-Targeting Strategies
  • Personalized Letters and Phone Calls
  • In-District Meetings and Events
  • Social Media and Online Campaigns
  • Earned Media, Opinion-Editorials and Letters to the Editor

Third Party Outreach

A deep bench of third-party champions can create an echo chamber around a client’s objectives and effectively drown out the opposition. The ability to quickly identify, educate and mobilize an army of outside advocates serves as a powerful tool in any public debate. The Herald Group will work to identify and build partnerships with the leading authorities on our client’s issues. A team of respected experts and advocates brings intellectual firepower that will move the public policy needle and carry a message further than any individual or single organization.

THG’s coalition team focuses solely on building and maintaining extensive relationships within national, state and local advocacy and academic communities and will work to mobilize these organizations on behalf of our clients.

Our approach gives us unparalleled insights into the strengths, weaknesses and overall priorities allowing for more strategic mobilization, positioning us as trusted allies within multiple advocacy communities. THG’s strategic partnership building capabilities include:

  • Third Party Audits and Platform Development
  • Coalition Strategy and Development
  • Identify, Recruit and Mobilize Key Third Party Advocates
  • Right-Left, Odd Pairing Engagements
  • Key Influencer Communications

Digital Campaigns

New technologies and online media channels are transforming the way we communicate, enabling people, companies and entire communities to consume, create and share information on their own terms. The Herald Group helps organizations understand, adapt to and effectively leverage this challenging new environment by utilizing innovative new media tactics and tools to help our clients talk with, rather than at, key audiences.

  • Social Media, Blogging and Online Solutions
  • Content Syndication
  • Electronic and Print Media Production, Planning and Placement
  • Advertising and Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Web-Based Marketing

Creative Production & Advertising

When planned creatively and implemented effectively, targeted broadcast, online and print advertising can be an effective way to build meaningful support and communicate to the public policy and political world. The Herald Group specializes in smart paid media planning to complement and reinforce core messages and independent expenditure advertising and political campaigns.

  • Media Planning and Strategy
  • Creative Services
  • Film/Video Production
  • Television, Radio and Online Production and Media Buying


Sound research is crucial to measuring levels of support, understanding the strength of one’s opponents, identifying key tipping points, and developing effective messages and strategies. In partnership with our sister firm, THG Strategic Research, we devise and implement research and polling programs and analysis that inform and shape our clients’ broader business, advocacy and communications strategies.

  • National, Regional and State-level Polling and Analysis
  • Litigation Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Mock Trials

To effectively influence key debates, litigation environments or position an organization, a full understanding of public perceptions and opinions is essential. THG Strategic Research, in conjunction with its sister organization, The Herald Group, develops integrated communications strategies based on the opinions of target audiences to position resources for maximum impact. THG Strategic Research brings a deep and diverse set of experiences to the challenges and issues facing our clients. We combine rigorous methodologies with insightful analysis to ensure maximum effectiveness and success.


A full understanding of public perceptions and opinions through sound research is crucial to measuring levels of support, understanding the strength of one’s opponents, identifying key tipping points and developing effective messages and strategies. We combine rigorous methodologies with insightful analysis to ensure maximum effectiveness and success.


Our litigation research and mock trial strategies help determine litigation strategies, insight and solutions to assist your team with the most challenging cases in order to create the winning edge at trial. From focus groups to test strategies and messaging to mock trial and jury selection, THG Strategic Research helps turn research findings into trial strategy, to provide the tools to win.

Our Clients

The Herald Group is proud to serve a number of Fortune 500 companies, industry associations, foreign governments, non-profit entities and grassroots organizations.

To ensure that the private counsel upon which our reputation has been built is maintained, we do not publish our client list or use it for promotional purposes. Direct client references are available upon request.