Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

The Greener Electronics Council’s (GEC) Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) has emerged as a reliable and transparent yardstick in an increasingly confusing world of green IT procurement. While EPEAT’s record is laudable, it is not enough in today’s marketplace to ensure a dominant position in the procurement of electronics. With the launch of a new international EPEAT registry, GEC needed to begin to take the lead in developing a common global marketing approach to EPEAT that brings together subscribers and partners, and provides additional incentives for participation. As green positioning becomes more competitive among IT companies and international in scope, GEC was in a position to begin driving a common marketing approach to EPEAT and take the lead on the international green IT stage.

Objectives and Strategies: The Herald Group implemented and managed all aspects of the international registry rollout for EPEAT to help enhance EPEAT’s enterprise and emerging consumer brand in the media worldwide while communicating the contributions of participating companies and stakeholders that utilize the registry including Dell, HP, Apple, Toshiba and Lenovo. The objective of the launch was to clearly articulate EPEAT’s value proposition as the world’s leading green IT standard and indicator, strengthen EPEAT’s brand position and reputation within key technology, business and policy circles, create a steady drumbeat of global coverage that ignites a conversation on the importance of harmonized standards, aggressively position EPEAT and subscribing companies as thought leaders with reporters, end users and policymakers, and raise awareness among consumers globally of EPEAT’s overall value and efficacy.

Results: The Herald Group developed a full communications platform with compelling messages to tell the story of EPEAT to a global audience, partnered with subscriber companies to ensure the launch was mutually beneficial, and worked closely with key third parties and NGOs to communicate effectively with key audiences through the environmental and technology communities. Through select media briefings with influential reporters, EPEAT was able to effectively tell its story as a shining example of what’s possible with harmonized and transparent standards, providing the tools, channels and resources to help IT managers and end users become environmental leaders.