U.S. Manufacturer

Operating in the global economy presents unique challenges and risks large global manufacturers – especially as it relates to litigation. While many companies and the law firms they employ use litigation research to better understand their challenges, few truly understand the depth of their risk, the variables across the globe which affect juror opinion and the need to develop effective communications strategies as a counter balance. One of the world’s largest manufacturing companies headquartered in the U.S. recognized this, and turned to THG Strategic Research to develop and execute an extensive jury research and communications study.

Objectives and Strategies: THG Strategic Research worked with this company’s internal legal team as well as local counsel across the U.S. to better understand the unique legal challenges and communications obstacles they faced. Accordingly, the team developed an extensive, in-depth juror research study in several key markets across the United States to best understand the geographic and demographic influences on public and juror opinion. Because of the complex legal issues facing the company and the numerous venues in which they faced litigation risk, it was apparent a one-sized-fits-all research strategy was incapable of yielding precise communications strategies on a national and local scale. THG Strategic Research had to ensure our client’s legal team understood the macro messaging as well as the more local, often nuanced, micro messaging. We helped create balanced and in-depth presentations for each venue. Our team took great care recruiting focus group participants who were representative of actual jury panels for each venue, coordinated presentations from numerous attorneys for each location and moderated insightful post presentation discussions with participants.

Result: Upon completion of the trial summary focus group presentations, our team of research professionals poured over the collected data and worked with the THG Strategic Research communications experts to develop detailed communications strategies, both national and local, based on the analysis of the data. This research and communications package was presented to our client and its team of local attorneys so everyone involved understood how public sentiment related to their litigation process, what obstacles existed and how to overcome those obstacles. As a result, the company’s team of communications specialists, inside counsel and local attorneys were better equipped and prepared to effectively communicate the company’s message to key audiences.