Generation Infographic

From social media and email to TV, streaming and smart phones, people in today’s world are bombarded with information. This is the norm for my generation; we grew up fully immersed in this incessant activity. We are restless, over-stimulated and becoming increasingly skilled in the art of ignoring information we deem uninteresting.

This can be concerning to businesses hoping to pitch their newest product or non-profits trying to educate young minds on their issues.  So how do you break through that digital barrier? Infographics.

Infographics can provide quick blurbs of facts, statistics or prominent ideas that visually stimulate overactive minds while also communicating important information. It is an easily digestible information resource ripe for millennial use! Let me SHOW you why.

Coca Cola, a multinational brand, uses infographics to promote organizations they support as well as inform users on new investments. They understand that connecting with millennials is critical to future business endeavors, which is why this type of visually appealing content is so important. Infographics can be a beneficial platform for over complicated information and they provide more opportunities for that information to be shared. So, corporations to small businesses, politicians to protesters, whatever your profession, the infographic is the new black of dissemination of information and we should all add it to our wardrobe.