How Entry-level PR Folks Can Make Themselves an Integral Part of the Team

You did it. After an application, multiple rounds of interviews and writing samples you finally landed an entry-level position at a public relations firm. In addition to asking how to use the copier and whether the kitchen coffee is free, you’re probably asking yourself how you can become an integral part of the team. Those first few days can be daunting, but with the right attitude you’ll be up-to-speed in no time.

First piece of advice is to relax. Your firm wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble to onboard you if they didn’t want you. They were impressed by your previous work and interested in your potential. To that end, feel comfortable knowing that you can voice your opinions, frustrations and ideas with your team. Starting to feel ownership over your work and that of your team is the best way to integrate yourself and add value.

As an entry-level employee, some of your daily tasks and routines are bound to be tedious exercises. Saying “yes” to morning clips and research projects with the same enthusiasm as more exciting tasks signals to your team that you’re focused on the collective outcome. By getting into a mindset that sees the importance of less glamorous work your team will start to see you as essential to getting their best work done.

Each manager, project and client are different. Understanding those differences and expectations can go a long way toward your growth as an employee. You’re bound to make mistakes, both large and small, as you begin your career. Taking constructive feedback and showing your team how you will correct issues moving forward demonstrates both your responsibility and dedication to improving your team’s output.

Lastly, while it may seem cliché, be sure to enjoy yourself on the job. Relish the new skills and knowledge that your gaining. Take advantage of the freedom you have early in your career and go to happy-hours or professional events when you’re free. Finding enjoyment in your current position will not only make you happier but also your team.

With a positive attitude you’ll find your place at the firm in no time.