How online advocacy changed with COVID-19 and how you can keep up

By Todd Van Etten, Chief Digital Strategist

Predictably, conversations among the biggest players in the advocacy space these days are centered around COVID-19. How has advocacy changed since February? What is most effective at getting people to take action when there are so many competing concerns on peoples’ minds? Moving forward, how do you retain a connection with people who likely joined for a specific reason at a specific point in time?

Last week I was delighted to take part in a virtual panel discussion to talk through these questions and more. Sponsored by One Click Politics and moderated by Kris Koenen, the panel featured different perspectives from the brand standpoint (Mike Bezruki from Wells Fargo), the trade association angle (Rachel Feinstein of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association), and myself representing the agency angle. We looked at how things changed as the seriousness of the pandemic took hold, what’s working now, and what the future looks like moving forward.

Below is a video of the conversation. There’s a lot to learn—and be sure to reach out if you’d like to continue the conversation with our team!