How to Leave a Lasting Impact at Your Internship

By Caitlin Keane || THG Summer Intern 2018

Internships are an excellent way to test drive your future career and gain some valuable knowledge in your field of choice. Best of all, they can lead to further opportunities and, in some cases, even full-time employment. If you are hoping to secure a permanent position at the end of your internship, it is important to make a positive impression on your employer from the start. Here are a few ways to leave your mark throughout your entire intern experience.

Do Your Research

Before your first day, take the time to do some brief research on the company. Check out their website and look for previous work they have done as well as potential employees you might want to connect with. This will give you a better idea of the organization’s culture and values as well as the type of assignments you might be completing while you are there. If you begin your internship armed with solid background knowledge, your employer will be impressed with your ability to jump in right away. It also helps establish yourself as proactive and passionate about the company and your role as an intern.

Be Confident

Make a point to introduce yourself to your new coworkers and do not be afraid to offer your help right away. Your employer will be impressed by your can-do attitude and it will help to make you more comfortable in a new work environment. Also, contribute your own ideas and insights to a project when it feels appropriate. Interns have a great opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on an issue that can be incredibly valuable to a company.

Go Above and Beyond

Be proactive about assignments. Instead of waiting for work to come to you, reach out to your supervisor and let them know you are available to help. Also, be willing to put in the extra time and energy required to make a project or assignment the best it can be. Demonstrating you are a willing and reliable employee will encourage your supervisor to give you more responsibility in the future.

Reach Out

Take advantage of the advice and inspiration your coworkers can offer to you. Find employees who share similar backgrounds, interests, or have worked in an industry you are curious about. Ask to take them out for a coffee or lunch and pick their brain about their experience. Solidifying these connections could come in handy for networking and future job hunting. Also, make sure to connect with fellow employees on LinkedIn so you can stay in contact long after your internship is over.