Leveraging Local Voices in Campaigns

By Elizabeth Rhee, Director

When developing any advocacy campaign, considering how to leverage advocates who are local and connected to the issue is crucial. Especially given today’s environment where many Americans, including our own elected officials, are working from home, a strong grassroots strategy provides an authentic and powerful communication that reaches lawmakers and regulators at the local level.

Grassroots is a critical component for any advocacy campaign and the individuals are the “roots” of the politically potent force. The most influential people at the top, “grasstops,” are local leaders and ones who are at the forefront commenting on the matter.

Here at The Herald Group, we know that no district, state, or media market is alike, and each advocacy campaign requires a unique approach that utilizes specific and local voices to speak out on the issue at hand, all while building a grassroots army for each specific cause.

When developing communications plans, we advise our clients on how to tailor their approach and leverage local voices that will ultimately reach consumers and decisionmakers. Here are a few basics when building out your strategy.

  • Determine Your Advocacy Goal. What’s your advocacy goal? Are you trying to reach your state’s congresspeople involved with a certain piece of federal legislation? Or are you hoping to share constituents’ perspectives on a state bill to a local representative? After answering the outcome-driven questions, grassroots advocacy is the vehicle to help get you there. Whichever decision-makers you decide to target, employing a grassroots and grasstops strategy allows you to reach your targets through local and trusted third-party voices from their constituencies. These elements of communication, such as social media posts or editorial content, help shape the opinion of what matters.
  • Real People. Real Stories. We engage with real people with real stories. Leveraging third-party voices at the local level allows you to build meaningful and sustained support for a brand, industry, or issue. THG works with local leaders and advocates across the country that are willing to share their perspectives on the topic at hand and engage with select policymakers.
  • Location. Location. Location. Our network extends into every political jurisdiction and all 50 states. We know that each campaign requires understanding the perspectives of both sides of the aisle and identifying where key audiences are located. This capability allows us to scale up or down any engagement, such as a campaign in ten different states or multiple districts across one.

Combined with a clear goal, localized approach, and solid relationships, a strong grassroots strategy can be a crucial element to ensuring your advocacy campaign’s success.

THG knows the local environment across all 50 states and has a direct line to the voices who matter. If interested in learning more and expanding your advocacy communications, reach out to us.