New Ways to Reach the Media

The digital age has revolutionized communications by creating a variety of new vehicles to reach key audiences, and providing a platform for voices that were previously unheard. The web has certainly changed the landscape of the public relations industry, however, for most professionals the goal remains the same: to have our messages heard by the right people. Pitching media continues to be an excellent avenue for this, but in an increasingly online world who we view as “media” has changed and our pitching tactics should too.

Today’s reporters are bombarded with pitches and face incredibly quick turnaround times. In order to successfully reach them, it’s key to make your pitch stand out. Below are a few tips to help you effectively place content.

  • Find an alternative way to reach reporters: Although email is often the first line of communication when pitching a reporter, consider other options such as engaging them via Twitter, commenting on their blogs, and of course, following up via phone.
  • Draft specific subject lines: When you do reach out through email, your subject line is key to grabbing the reporter’s attention. Think about drafting a potential headline or connecting it to issues they’ve previously covered, so they know you’re on their beat and have done your research.
  • Offer more than a story: If you can provide a reporter with compelling information to add to the story, they’re much more likely to run it. When possible, offer up additional resources such as social media content, graphics, even videos they can use.
  • Consider non-traditional outlets: Depending on your audience, a traditional news outlet may not be the best way to go. One of the great advantages of the web is that it offers smaller, lesser known entities an opportunity to gain visibility as well. Think about different websites and blogs where your story may be a good fit and pitch them. Blogs especially are becoming increasingly influential in driving mainstream media, so it could result in more opportunities down the line.

What strategies have you employed to reach reporters in the past? Please share below.