New Year, New You – Change Your Work Habits, too

Every year on January 1st, most people seem to make the same resolution: to get healthier. Whether it’s to lose weight or simply just a lifestyle change, it seems like everyone has the same goal in mind. Making changes in your personal life doesn’t have to be the only resolution that you make: alter some of the work habits that are keeping you from being the best that you can be.

To-Do Lists

Every morning, go in and make a to-do list. Write down the big things that need to get done and then all the smaller ones. Here in the office, we use Outlook and can allot time in our calendars to allow us to work on tasks or projects. For me, I need to see it in front of me. I do better with a list written on a piece of paper so that I can go through and judge what should be done when. To-do lists can help you stay organized with your day.


Purchase some folders or binders and color-code them, that way you can just look at the color and know which client is which. Clear off all the papers on your desk and put them into neatly organized folders or binders. Being organized promotes a productive work environment, unless you’re one of those people that having a disorganized desk helps with your creativity.

Learn How to Swim

You need to learn to swim. If you get pushed into the deep end, you need to make it out alive. Try to help out with a project that might be a little out of your comfort zone. Learn the basics of how to do it. You don’t want to be helpless if something like that gets thrown to you and you miss an opportunity to show you’re prepared and on top of your work.

Take a Walk

Everyone gets writer’s or creative block from time to time. Step out of the office for a little, take a walk to get the juices flowing and come back to it (if time allows). You don’t even have to take a walk alone. Ask one of your client team members to take a walk with you and talk about it while you’re out. Honestly, you don’t even need to have a reason to go walk. Just go take a five-minute walk. Taking a breath of fresh air can help with stress and so many other things.

There are tons of other ways that you can change your work habits, but this is an initial list of easy-to-do ideas to work into your everyday lives. Whatever it may be, do it. You may hate it at first, but think about how it will reflect in your work. Do something that will make you become a better you. You can always be better and the new year is a great place to hit reset.