Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Internship

By: Sarah Pena | THG Fall Intern 2017

As your internship comes to an end, it’s a great idea to reflect on what you initially wanted to achieve when you started it. There are a couple of important questions you should get answered before your time is up.

Ask for feedback on work: Ask your supervisor about what you need to improve on and what you did well. You should meet with your supervisor and discuss what projects you felt you excelled on and which you struggled with. Your supervisor can give you great advice on which classes to take to help improve your skills. You should utilize their experience and get as much feedback from them as possible.

Ask what work to include in your portfolio: Ask your supervisor what work or projects would be the best to include in your portfolio. It’s critical to ask for permission on what you can include due to the sensitivity of the subject matter or what you can use that doesn’t belong to the company.

Ask for a recommendation: Ask your supervisor not only for a recommendation but who else you should contact about future endeavors in your field. Chances are they know others in your field and could help you get another internship or a job after graduation. You should exchange emails with them so you can continue to have a relationship with them after you leave.

Ask about future opportunities: You should ask your supervisor what, if any, possible opportunities would be available after you graduate. It’s always great to be proactive and think about the future so asking if there are any opportunities for you to return later is an effective way to end your internship.

No matter what questions you ask either your supervisor or other coworkers, it can only improve your experience and help you make the most of the time you spent with them. I know as my internship is almost over at The Herald Group I have started to go through these questions to ensure I made the most of the wonderful opportunity afforded to me this semester.