THG at 15: Continually Redefining Digital Advocacy

The advocacy and public affairs landscape has changed significantly since The Herald Group (THG) was founded in 2005, and so too have the strategies and technologies employed to influence both policymakers and the public. Unlike the show Grey’s Anatomy, gone are the days of widely attended press conferences, spray and pray press releases, fax machines, listservs, auto-dialers, and mass mailings.

Today, legislative battles are fought and won as much, or more, in elected officials’ political backyards than in the halls of Congress or state capitals. Regulatory and litigation challenges are far more visible and contested.  And M&A and other significant commercial transactions face ever-increasing political and public scrutiny. In tandem, the arsenal of advocacy tools that THG leverages in its client campaigns has become far more sophisticated, targeted, efficient, effective, and measurable.

Whether it’s thousands of persona modeled constituents in targeted legislative districts, an audience of one in the White House, or anywhere between, THG leverages a complete a set of integrated digital, grassroots, and paid media technologies to help secure ours clients’ objectives. We deliver the most persuasive messages, from the most influential messengers, to the right people at the right time on the right platforms to help educate and mobilize critical audiences.

Since its founding, THG has continually invested in its people and technologies to provide our clients with a portfolio of leading-edge digital advocacy offerings. Today, this includes technologies that barely existed in 2005: remote audience targeting, optimized media buying, opposition monitoring platforms, issue-based analytics, direct content and news syndication, online grassroots activation, and much more.

Our work has been noticed by the industry, and more importantly, our work has been uniquely beneficial to our clients. And the growing number of capabilities, projects, and employees engaged in our digital advocacy campaigns shows not just how far we’ve come, but also where we look to grow in the future.

For the last 15 years, THG has been redefining digital advocacy, and we’re even more excited about what’s in store next. Want to be part of it? Reach out to our Chief Digital Strategist, Todd Van Etten or Digital Director, Sharon Copeland by clicking below.