THG in the Running for Several Reed Awards

It’s awards season in America. We’re all racing to snag tickets for movies about billboards and ice skaters, and updating our playlists so we don’t feel old watching the Grammy’s.

But here at THG we have our eye on Charleston, not LA, where the Reed Awards will be handed out in February.

For several reasons, creating new client websites is one of the best parts of my job. First, many of the issues we work on here at THG are complicated, and we have to get creative about messaging that will appeal to a broad audience. Second, even though many of us spend hours on the web each day, the process of building a site is unknown to most. And of course, who doesn’t love standing in front of a whiteboard and designing something from nothing?

Most of the sites we build are geared toward very specific audiences, and, usually with the help of targeted advertising, are visited by mainly those in that audience. Which is why it’s always a good feeling to have your work recognized by more people than for whom it’s tailored. This happened recently when THG was named a finalist for not one, not two, but THREE Reed Awards for projects we completed last year.

Our redesign of BEERSERVESAMERICA.COM for the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association was named a finalist for BEST MICROSITE and the associated print report is in the running for BEST PIECE OF ORIGINAL/INNOVATIVE COLLATERAL. The biannual report highlights the contributions to the economy from brewers and beer distributors and features an engaging beer menu-like report to keep the reader engaged.

A site built for the CONSUMER FINANCIAL DATA RIGHTS GROUP and the associated microsite, HANDSOFFMYFINANCIALDATA.COM, is a finalist for the BEST OVERALL WEBSITE. Together these sites educate visitors about threats to their financial data rights and gives them a platform to express their opinion through social media.

I’ll be heading down to Charleston at the end of February to attend the awards. Stay tuned here for an update on who I’ll be wearing on the red carpet!