Tips For Remote Media Pitching

By Ashley Pratte, Vice President

During this time of uncertainty for many industries, it’s important to take time to assess media practices and refine them to fit the current news cycle. The Herald Group has been working with clients to ensure that they have a line of access into the media and how-to best pitch reporters—from home.

Below are some tips and tricks on best practices for remote media pitching:

Pitching Best Practices:

Email Pitches:

  • Customize your subject line, focus on the recipient first, summarize your story in less than two paragraphs, preferably bullet points, and link to downloadable content (reports, infographics, etc.). DO NOT use attachments.
  • Make sure you include the reporter’s name in the pitch email (don’t mass email a pitch)

Craft the Perfect Subject Line

  • Standing out in a reporter’s likely crowded inbox can be a challenge. At all times include an “EXCLUSIVE” or “POTENTIAL STORY” in the subject line of the email in capital letters, followed by a short potential headline and your company/organization’s name. Using this technique can help grab the reporter’s attention and make them want to open your pitch email.
  • (TIP: If you are able to offer an exclusive, this is the most likely way to get their attention.)

Phone Pitches

  • It can work, but only if you know the reporter prefers taking calls, relies on their mobile phone and makes that number somewhat publicly available. It helps if they know you well first. This should come second to an email pitch.
  • If you leave a message make sure you provide a brief statement of what the pitch is about as well as your contact information.

Helpful Information

Write the Best Pitch

  • Keep pitches short, to the point and relevant to your audience (this should be determined before you pitch reporters). Be specific about why your issue or subject relates to the particular journalist’s audience and reference a previous article they’ve written if it makes sense with the pitch—for example, if the article can act as a follow-up to something they published recently.
  • Give reporters a lead but leave them space to take the article in the direction that makes sense to them and is a fit for their publication/beat.
  • Always include your contact details, make it easy for reporters to get in touch with you.