Welcome to The Herald Group, Anthony!

Last month Anthony Nerantzis joined The Herald Group as the newest associate. Already he’s proven himself invaluable to his clients by working hard and spending extra time to thoroughly understand their policy objectives. If you haven’t met Anthony yet, take a second to learn a little more about him and welcome him to the team if you’re on a call.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Maryland and raised in Leesburg, Virginia. I am a proud graduate of James Madison University. After college, I decided to look for opportunities on Capitol Hill, and was fortunate enough to land a job with a member of Ohio’s congressional delegation. I loved my time on the Hill, and I wouldn’t trade my experience there for anything.

I currently live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with my wife, Katie, who I met at James Madison. Our apartment is located on a quiet little street off Lincoln Park. When we’re not on our Peloton, we’re walking around the neighborhood, trying new restaurants, visiting new shops, and making the most of our time in our little corner of the city.

What excites you the most about working in public affairs?

The trench warfare aspect of the job excites me most. I love being in the fight, advocating as hard as I can for a particular position, and watching the results of whatever I am advocating for play out in the public arena.

What’s the best thing you’ve watched or read in the past 5 years?

The Wall Street Journal’s opinion section is the best thing going in print journalism today. The quality of writing and diversity of opinion that is curated by Journal’s editorial board is unmatched. Each columnist brings their own unique perspective that challenges me to think differently about how I view the world. Its pages are a must-read for anyone who hopes to be an informed citizen.

What drew you to THG?

What has struck me the most about THG is the quality of the people who work here. Everyone is at the top of their game, which forces me to elevate my own performance. Collectively, I have never been around such a sharp group of individuals. It has really been an amazing experience.

What is your favorite thing about Washington, DC?

I really enjoy riding the Metro. I find it incredibly hygienic, well ventilated, and spacious. In addition, the service that WMATA provides is generally prompt and reliable. I particularly enjoy riding the Metro after sporting events and following the July 4th fireworks show.